About us

Welcome to Aqvarius!
We are Polish ! We believe in the power of people, competent people. We’ve brought our world renowned experience to QATAR and have been helping to build Doha since 2010. Our construction teams cover all sectors, from civil works thru MEP up to complete fitout, supervison & all kind of the most complicated installations. Skilled and experienced workers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in customer satisfaction. Our highly effective supervisory staff is always there to make sure that projects are being completed in accordance with the quality and pricing requirements of our customers. We provide quality craftsmanship and competitive prices that have made us famous all over Europe. Get in touch with us. We can solve your problems!

Why us?
Our teams created from reliable and competent workers whose extensive technical expertise, years of experience and attention to detail are a testament to our reputation In Doha. We provide highly skilled specialists from all sectors.

Aqvarius brings Polish expertise to Qatar
Aqvarius specializes in outsourcing professional construction teams from Poland for both short and long term project.

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