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Manpower solutions

Aqvarius specializes in outsourcing professional construction teams from Poland for both short and long term project. Our teams created from reliable and competent workers whose extensive technical expertise, years of experience and attention to detail are a testament to our reputation In Doha. We provide highly skilled specialists from all sectors. We provide highly skilled specialists from all sectors, including: Carpentry Masonry Acoustic panels Specialist systems Millworks Glazing MEP engineering All kinds/types of installations Complete Fitout team Multi-skilled supervision Our market expertise and experience allow us to complete our job in a precise, cost-effective and timely fashion. Our ongoing training and highly effective supervisory staff assure on time completions in accordance with the quality and pricing requirements of our customers. Working with people is our passion and that is why the AQVARIUS team is fully devoted to their tasks. We believe that the future belongs to companies, which are well aware that their biggest and most valuable assets are people. Competent people. A highly competitive pricing structure and quality craftsmanship known all over Europe have allowed us to participate in the most prestigious projects in Doha: QNCC, Sidra, HIA, QFHQ, QP District, Sheraton Renovation. Get in touch with us. We can solve your problems!